Star Wars Celebration III, April 2005

General Grievous Costume from Revenge of the Sith

More photos of Grievous from Celebration III. If you have any questions or cool photos, please contact me at and put "Grievous" in the Subject line.

Count Dooku and General Grievous

The General with his trainer. Just one of the dedicated Sith who attended CIII.
And you can see at the right that Greivous is a proud member of SARLACC, Seattle ARea Lucasfilm Artifacts Collectible Club.

Vader and Grievous

Two of the Baddest guys in the Galaxy meet.

This poor unsuspecting Jedi Padawan was posing for pictures, so Grievous crept up on her from behind, and suddenly there were dozens of cameras poised at the poor girl. My sister said her eyes widened as there was so much attention on her, and someone told her to look behind her - it was quite a humorous moment when this poor child faced Grievous for her first (and last) time.
Her lightsaber was hardly worth saving so the General handed it on to her parents as a memento of her passing.

Grievous recruiting Boba.

Han & Leia's honeymoon Interruption

For some reason this is one of the more popular Grievous photos, taken after he inturupted Han & Leia's vacation. It was the last time she wore that gold outfit that she and Jabba picked out.

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