Star Wars Celebration III Pageant & Celebration Party, April 2005

General Grievous Costume from Revenge of the Sith

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The Line Up...

A few of the unlikely suspects ready to take on the stage to show off...

And at the right, Grievous faces himself? There is another??

And the Winners are...
The line up of First Places in each Category: (left to right)
Padme (Tassle Head), Good guy (Carded Luke), Villian (me), and Outer Rim (Han & Tauntaun). There were outstanding costumes; you can see two of them were even taller than the General! A lot of talented work is on that stage.
The Secret Weapon exposed!

The surprise extra set of arms was a sure crowd pleaser. And a very pleased Grievous accepts the "Best in Show" award (no one can see me tearing up inside the costume - it sure felt great to hear those cheers.)
Two of my favorite Collectibles... ever
Can I have my picture with YOU!

Nick Gillard (who choreographed all the lightsaber duels in Episode 1-3) asked for a photo with me, and I replied only if I could get a picture with HIM.
Blue Snaggletooth and Grievous

Hanging out with his elusive friend, Blue Snaggletooth direct from the Sears Cantina playset. Actually its Gus of, a good friend and fellow Seattle SW Collector, extrordinaire.

On Stage at Celebration Party

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