Sid Vicious
Dead Punker

Sid Vicious, Rest In Peace
Dead Punker Close-Up Close Up Make Up with those Wacky 80's Glasses!
Dead Punker Rising! We have seen this Vest before...
Chris as a Cat!
Earl as a Cat. ARRRG!
Chris as a Cat
Earl as a Cat. ARRRG!
Chris, our friendly secretary at work wanted to be a Cat from Cats for Halloween; so being the good Boy Scout, that I was, I helped her out and we came up with these designs one night before our Volleyball Game. Well, the only problem was we did not allow time enough to take the make up off; so we just went to the game in this make up. It freaked out the other team, but unfortunately it freaked out team out more and we did not end up winning many games that night.

by Earl B.

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