Universal Monsters with Fangs!

The Wolf Man Attacks! Dracula has Risen!
Wolf Man (Me)
Dracula (Joe)
Group of Monsters at the Bump
The Year for Fangs

I decided to go as my favorite Monster and alter ego, the Wolf Man. My friend Joe went as his likely alias, Dracula. My other friend Jay agreed to go as the Mummy only if he could be a designer Mummy, so he was ornated in Gucci accessories (are everything, you know!)

My make up was basically a lot of spirit gum and crepe hair, mixed in with make up, rubber finger nails, and some fake fur strategically placed. Once again we went to the Bump in Seattle and had a great time.

Wolf Man, Dracula, and the Gucci Mummy at the Bump!
Wolf Man out Trick or Treating I went Trick or Treating with the kids again. This year as the Wolf Man. I also made the Rocketeer Helmet for Nic here and my brother back home.

by Earl B.

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