Dark Mall from Episode One

(I would not want to use any of Lucasfilm's Trade Marked Names)

Here is the Make up and Appliance I tested out the night of our April Seattle Area Star Wars Collectors Club meeting. The Sci-Fi Channel was filming us that night. Plus I wanted to test it out before the SW Celebration April 30th - May 2nd.

I wore this costume to the Star Wars Celebration 1999 in Denver one day. I was walking around admiring the new line of Don Post Masks at their display. So this guy comes up to me and compliments me on my make up, telling me that I just about got it perfect, all I need a silver stud in my ear; he assured me other than that, I had done a great job especially on the horns and all. Well I ask him if he works for Don Post, and he says, "I am." Well I just about soiled myself. I mean I have been inspired by and bought more of his masks than anyone I know. This guy is the premier maker of masks for the public. I told him how much I have enjoyed his work and asked if I could get a picture with him, and there it is: Me and Don Post. That was the biggest compliment I have ever had in my lifetime of mask-making.

Me and the Don Post!

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Deanna Bock helps Earl Bergquist with his Darth Maul outfit. Seattle PI, April 22nd, 1999.

by Earl B.

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