Two Face from "Batman Forever"

Uglier Side shot
Mirror shot
Two Face was made almost identically as my Phantom of the Opera. The face design was sculpted in clay on my plaster life mask, and then a mold of it was cast in plaster (below right photo.) Several layers of latex were then painted in the mold, creating the actual appliance.
Come Halloween, I applied the appliance with spirit gum to my face and painted it with water-based make-up (oil-based make-up would have destroyed the appliance - never use oil with latex.) A sparkly purple powder was finally brushed on, making the mask shimmer, giving it a more comic book-like appearance.
Two Face with Gun
Makeup Supplies
Two Face Costume, no Make up
The costume was made by covering half of a dark blue thrift store suit with wild fabric. I sewed the sleeves and such, but actually just safety pinned the material to the jacket, making it fast to make. The Vest half was painted with several layers of Fabric Paint. The dress shirt and tie were two items cut and sown together.
For dancing (always a priority for Halloween Parties,) I had a pair of shorts half and half beneath. The costume worked quite well; it is always fun to wierd out friends by talking to them while wearing gruesome make up.

by Earl B.

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