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Halloween Masks and Costumes

Most people enjoy dressing up once a year and becoming something they are not. Some make up their costume the day before a Halloween Party or stop by a Costume shop and pick up a mask and outfit. But then there are those of us who start planning in July and construction in August. Quiet Autumn evenings spent busily building masks and sewing capes. We like to stretch out that joyful time spent becoming something we aren't. Plus we usually end up with a bizarre decoration for an upper shelf, a trophy head of a beast we once were.

Well, Welcome to my collection of trophy heads, costumes that I have been over the the past decades. I no longer have many of these costumes, but I have photos and memories of time spent having trouble breathing and seeing in an ET head or dancing as a Dinosaur skeleton. And so here they are for you to enjoy. Maybe you will get some ideas for Halloween this year.

Of Course, this page is UNDER CONSTRUCTION, actually it will probably be constantly UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
Hopefully, most of the gaps will fill in soon.
General Grievous, from Star Wars EIII, Revenge of the Sith
  • "Best in Show" in Costume Pageant at SW Celebration III!!
  • First Place in Villian Category at SW Celebration III!!
  • Best Costume at the Celebration Party, too.
  • Oct
    Hobbit in a Cage, being carried around by a RingWraith
  • Won Grand Prize at the Seattle Bump 2002!!
  • Oct
    Wolfman 99
    Wolfman 1999 and his Colorful friends!!
    Guess Who will be my first costume from "STAR WARS, Episode One: The Phantom Menace"?
  • Appeared on Local and National Television and Newspapers
  • 1998
    Max from "Where the Wild Things Are"
    My favorite children's book; I have been Max since I was six, just ask my mom.
  • First Place at ARO.space's Dead Celebreties Ball with T-Rex
  • 1996
    Martian Trooper
    Martian Trooper from the "Mars Attacks!" Trading Cards (before the Movie came out)
    This has been my favorite Martian design always: big brain, bulging eyes, and a boney skull in my favorite color, chartreuse!
  • Best Costume at R-Place
  • 1996
    Carnage and Venom
    Venom & Carnage from the "Spiderman"
    My Little Brother's favorite is Venom, He was Venom, so I got to be Carnage!
  • Easily the best time I have ever had Trick or Treating!
  • 1995
    Two Face
    Two-Face from "Batman Forever"
    This was a throw back to my Phantom make-up and every bit as fun.
    Jack Skellington
    Jack Skellington from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"
    A quick Halloween day costume to celebrate the day as Jack.
  • First Place at St. Mark's Hunchback Costume Contest with T-Rex and the Flamingo
  • 1993
    T Rex
    Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton
    Easily, my very favorite costume and most proud work.
  • Grand Prize (and First Individual) at the Bump!
  • 1992
    Three Blind Borgs, see how they Assimilate
    Wolf Man
    Universal Monsters with Fangs!
    The (Blond) Wolf Man, Dracula, and even a designer Mummy!
    Road Warriors?

    Road Warriors? & Marvel Heroes

    Don't ask me? It wasn't my idea, I just made the costumes.
    Gremlins! And this one was fed after Midnight!
    The Many Faces of
    The Phantom of the Opera
  • Gee, this crowd pleaser won First place individual at Work (Hewlett Packard) and the Emerald City Bar, Boise, ID
  • 1987
    Audrey II
    Audrey II from "Little Shop of Horrors"
  • I won first place as Audrey II at a Friend's Haunted Barn Halloween Party: A bottle of Champagne that I saved till after the Play was over.
  • 1986
    Stay Puff Marshmellow Man
    Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from "Ghostbusters" and Alien Marine
    Dead Punker
    Sid Vicious as a Dead Punker
    Snarling Billy
    Billy Idol
    Jabba the Hutt
    Jabba the Hutt
    My first try at a Soft Sculpture costume made quite an impression my first year on the job in Boise.
  • Best Group Costume (as Jabba and friends) at Hewlett-Packard
  • First Prize costume contest at a local video store competition
  • 1982
    E.T. the Extra-terrestrial
    Tin Woodsman
    The Tin Woodsman from "The Wizard of Oz"
  • Won 2nd Prize at a College Football game Costume Contest, which we all spent the prize going to see "Raiders of the Lost Ark"
  • 1980
    Yoda, the Jedi Master
    Boba Fett
    Boba Fett, where?
    Need I say anything more about this Intergalactic Bounty Hunter?
    Perhaps that my helmet uses one of my mom's stainless steel bowls.
    At least what we thought it looked like before the toys and pictures.
    Darth Vader
    Darth Vader
  • My First, First Place Prize: a Ten Speed Huffy Bike from a local grocery store contest!
  • 1976
    Planet of the Apes
    Cornelius from "Planet of the Apes"
    Two Headed Monster.. or was it Three heads?

    Let me know how you like them and if you have posted any of your own exciting Halloween Costumes, I would love to see them. e mail me at: earlb@boneboy.com. Oh, and Happy Halloween!!

    And if you liked those, check out my cousin, Will Ritter's projects!

    All photos and text © Earl Bergquist, 1979-2011, except as noted. Please e mail earlb@boneboy.com for permission before copying or publishing. Thanks.

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