Star Wars Celebration III, April 2005

General Grievous Costume from Revenge of the Sith

I have added a few pages of photos, more will come later as I have more time...
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  • If you have any questions or good photos of the General, please send them to me at and put "Grievous" in the Subject line. I had the best time in the costume at CIII and hope everyone else enjoyed the festivities! Thanks much! Earl B.

    My proudest moment, having my photo with the Artists who created the General, Photo Left: Warren Fu, and right Robert E. Barnes, who sculpted him. Their creative work is what truly inspires me to be a SW fan

    Close up on the head. My cousin, Will Ritter, helped me with those magnificent eyes.
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    Wonderful drawing by Randy Martinez, the fabulous SW artist. I love his work in the SW Insider. (Image shown with his permission, please gain permission from R. Martinez and Lucasfilm before reproducing, thanks.)

    Costume with trophy at the CIII Costume Pageant (the trophy is the plexiglass octagon between the blaster and lightsabre handle.)

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    NOTE: I do NOT sell or rent any of my costumes - this site is purely for sharing my designs and ideas with other to further YOUR creative process. So if you do make a costume, please send me a photo at . Thanks, Earl B.

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