Making the General Grievous Costume, April 2005

from Revenge of the Sith

Some behind the scenes photos for those curious on how to build a General Grievous costume. I hope to have more details later. LMK what you want to know at and put "Grievous" in the Subject line.

The inner Skeleton of PVC:

There are over 200 pieces of PVC in the inner framework (including the limbs) - PVC can be used like TinkerToys to iterate on the design and fit of the frame, but then needs to be glued together which is like building a 3D puzzle.

Front view, you can see me holding the arm controls in each of my hands (these also can be secured in the framework.
Walk this way...

Notice that the leg is only attached to the costumee at the hip and foot, this allows the knee and leg to have its own motion based on the pivot points; giving the creature a unique gait.
Alien face exposed!

I built up the eye's outer skin in foam clay. The eyes were made from plastic half sphere's painted and then covered with several layers of clear acrylic to give them depth. The breathing tubes really added to the sense of the heads working.
Planning out the head & neck

The face plate is made of ABS plastic melted over a (sculpy) clay pattern. The head is a 12" plastic Easter egg, which is actually large enough to fit over a standard head.
There are always two, a Master and an Apprentice

Infinite thanks to my Dad, Ronald Bergquist who taught me to always use the right tool. And a both my parents for letting me always use my imagination, no matter what the results.

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