Max from "Where the Wild Things Are"

Earl as Max, ruler of the Wild Things
"The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another..."

This costume is taken from the 1963 Caldecot Winning Children's Book, "Where The Wild Things Are," by Maurice Sendak. My Mom was a librarian and brought this book home one fateful day when I was in the first grade. From then on I knew that I was not the only little boy who would sail off into the world of imagination, to Where the Wild Things Are. A place where Monsterous Beasts can be tamed by a boy's magic trick, and he can be the king of all the Wild Things! It is one of those books whose imagery and message has staid with me all my life.

I have bought at least a dozen copies of this book for every kid and a several adults who have graced me with their friendship. And when I left home to go out into the real world, my Mom gave me one of my most treasured posessions: her personal Librarian copy of the book. This special copy has "Mrs. Bergquist" written in on the title page. Mom's sure know best, even if we do threaten to "Eat them Up!" every once in a while.

This costume is the best for dancing and enjoying any Wild Rumpus, out howling at the moon. The big buttons look great and are functional too, for Wild Things that overheat. But I have to admit that it is much more practical without the black wig.

Wild Thing Tattoo
When it came time for me to decide what tattoo design to start with, the answer was simple: a Wild Thing! I figured that if I have been the King of the Wild Things since I was six, I may as well have one to follow me around for the rest of my life. So a good friend, Micky Ricci, offered to emblazon this wonderful beast on my calf. He did an amazing job, it is a beaut!

It seems appropriate that none of my friends were surprised by my choice, and even my mom acted like she likes it; well as much as my Mom can like a tattoo.

Wild Thing Tattoo

by Earl B.

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